Algerie Cuisine

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Algerie Cuisine

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The staple food of the Algerian cuisine is the couscous, semolina-like pasta made from cracked wheat. Rice is also a popular side dish served with curry sauces, fish and seafood, or even part of a soup, together with chickpeas. The traditional Algerian dishes blend together Berber, Turkish and

Algerian cuisine features cooking styles and dishes derived from traditional Arab, Amazigh, Turkish, and French cuisine. Additional influences of Jewish, Spanish, Berber and Italian cuisines are also found. The cuisine is flavorful, often featuring a blend of traditional Mediterranean spices and chili peppers.

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Algerian cuisine, like that of most North African countries, is heavily influenced by Arab, Amazigh, Turkish, and French culinary traditions. Couscous, a semolina-based pasta customarily served with a meat and vegetable stew, is the traditional staple.

It is important to note that Moroccan or Algerian tagine has absolutely nothing to do with Tunisian tagine which is a kind of quiche without any dough. Using the word "tajine" to describe the dish has now become customary, but other names such as marqa (mar3a) or dwaz are also used to describe stews and casseroles in North Africa.

Jenina, a traditional restaurant in Algiers, serves alcohol and red wine with superb and authentic Algerian food. Dining and Cuisine in Algeria. Typical Algerian cooking is a mix of Berber, French, Arab, and Turkish flavors. Meals are often based on fresh fruits and vegetables, especially olives, as well as a generous helping of spice.